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When couples separate. the financial and economic status of the family is significantly impacted. What was one household becomes two households with duplicated household expenses. Spousal support, or alimony, from one spouse to the other helps minimize a disproportionate impact of terminating a marriage. When one spouse is not able to support themselves, the other spouse must aid the other;to the extent he or she is able. 

What is spousal support?

Spousal support are payments made to a former spouse or to a third party (creditor) in favor of a spouse for the sustenance and support of the former spouse. 

The award of spousal support can be temporary and permanent. Factors a court must consider in determining an issue of spousal support:

  • Income of both spouses, whatever source;
  • Earning ability of the spouses;
  • Age and physical,mental and emotional condition of the spouses;
  • Retirement benefits of each spouse;
  • Duration of the marriage;
  • Spouse's  ability to seek employment while having custody of minor child(ren);
  • Standard of living during the marriage;
  • Educational levels of each spouse;
  • Respective assets and liabilities;
  • Contribution of each spouse to the other's education, training, or earning ability;
  • Time and expense of spouse seeking support to acquire an education, training, and job experience;
  • Tax consequences;
  • Lost income production capacity due to spouse's marital duties; and
  • Any other relevant factor.

Spousal support may be available in divorce, dissolution, or legal separation cases.

How long does spousal support last?

Spousal support can be short or long term depending on consideration of the above factors. Spousal support can end upon the expiration of a specific term ordered by the court; death of the obligated former spouse or receiving spouse; or if the recipient former spouse remarries or cohabitates. In some instances, spousal support can be ordered on a permanent basis for the lifetime of a former spouse as long as the obligated spouse survives the receiving spouse. 

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